Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans

 Prepaid Funeral Plans from Dignity

When you choose a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan you get peace of mind that your funeral costs and arrangements have been taken care of.

Dignity are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of prearranged funerals, with more than 743,000 people having already made arrangements with Dignity.

Dignity are more than just a plan provider, they are one of the UK’s leading funeral service providers and most plan holders will have their funeral carried out by one of their 1,200+ owned or approved funeral directors.

Prepaid Funeral Plan for anyone aged 50 or over:

Fixed price – providing complete peace of mind

Flexible payment options – lump sum or by regular instalments over a fixed period.

Guaranteed acceptance – No health checks or medical questions.

Practical – Your funeral, your way. A Plan allows you to make important decisions about what you want from the funeral, detail any special requests you may have, thus providing clear guidance on your wishes.

Thoughtful – removing from your loved ones the worry and stress of having to make arrangements at such an emotional time.

Flexibility – Your loved ones still have the option of adding their own personal tributes at the time of need.

When the time comes – just one phone call to Dignity to put the plan into motion.


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