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The Advantages of having a Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Pre-arrange your funeral

A pre-paid funeral plan is a straightforward and affordable way to pay for the funeral you want and help relieve your loved ones of the emotional burden of arranging your funeral.

Protection against rising costs

Your funeral director’s costs set at today’s prices – no more to pay for these services. There is even an allowance built in to cover third party costs.

Guaranteed Acceptace

No intrusive medical health questionnaire and guaranteed acceptance.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Pre-paid funeral plans provide peace of mind.

Fixed price!

Guaranteed acceptance!

No worries for loved ones – set and forget!

When the time comes just one phone call puts your plan in motion. 

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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Put Your Affairs in Order

Few of us enjoy discussing, or even thinking about, the day we are no longer around. However, more and more of our clients are now coming to realise that planning and paying for their funeral arrangements in advance makes perfect sense.

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