Dignity Funeral Plan

Dignity Funeral Plan

Put Your Affairs in Order

Few of us enjoy discussing, or even thinking about, the day we are no longer around.  However, more and more of our clients are now coming to realise that planning and paying for their funeral arrangements in advance makes perfect sense.

We all know that death is inevitable, but leaving debt and emotional stress behind for our loved ones is not.

This is your chance to put your affairs in order and protect those closest to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral.

We offer a choice of plans and payment options to provide peace of mind.

“Funerals are one of the fastest rising fixed costs in the UK, outstripping inflation, wages and pensions. Funeral costs have more than doubled in the last decade”

Break the taboo and talk about your funeral wishes …

99% of funerals may not be exactly as the deceased would have wished:

  • Just 1% knew all of the deceased funeral preferences; this means 99% of funerals may not be exactly as the deceased would have wished.
  • Almost a quarter (22%) didn’t know any of the deceased’s preferences.
  • Four in ten (41%) had no idea if their loved one would have wanted a burial or cremation.
  • Almost three quarters (73%) didn’t know if the deceased wanted their ashes scattered, interred or disposed.
  • Only a quarter knew which funeral director the deceased would have preferred.
  • Just one in seven knew which coffin to choose.
  • Almost two thirds did not know the deceased’s preferred cemetery or burial ground.
  • Three in five (61%) admitted that they did not know whether to hold a religious or non-religious service.
  • Almost three quarters (74%) said they did not know what music or readings to have at the funeral.
  • Only a quarter knew the deceased preferred charity for donations.
  • Fewer knew which flowers to choose (12%).
  • Even fewer knew the deceased’s preference for where the wake should be held (11%).

Source; SunLife  ‘Cost of Dying’ report

Prepaid Funeral Plans from Dignity

When you choose a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan you get peace of mind that your funeral costs and  arrangements have been taken care of.

Dignity are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of prearranged funerals, with more than 910,000 people having already made arrangements with Dignity.

Dignity are more than just a plan provider, they are one of the UK’s leading funeral service providers and most plan holders will have their funeral carried out by one of their 1,200+ owned or approved funeral directors.

Prepaid Funeral Plans:

Fixed price – providing complete peace of mind

Flexible payment options – lump sum or by regular instalments over a fixed period.

Guaranteed acceptance – No health checks or medical questions.

Practical – Your funeral, your way. A Plan allows you to make important decisions about what you want from the funeral, detail any special requests you may have, thus providing clear guidance on your wishes.

Thoughtful – removing from your loved ones the worry and stress of having to make arrangements at such an emotional time.

Flexibility – Your loved ones still have the option of adding their own personal tributes at the time of need.

When the time comes – just one phone call to Dignity to put the plan into motion.

Dignity offers a choice of four plans:

  • Limited –   £2,995; or from £20.94 a month
  • Amber –     £3,395; or from £23.05 a month
  • Pearl –        £3,750; or from £24.91 a month – our most popular plan.
  • Diamond-  £3,995; or from £26.20 a month

Installment examples given are based on 25 years. If you spread the cost over more than 12 months there is an extra charge and all payments must be completed by the 85th birthday of the eldest person named on the plan.

Download the Brochure for further details.

Download and Print your Application Form.

If you would like to talk your options through or a quotation to spread the cost on payment plans from 11 – 25 years then fill in your details below and one of our team will be in touch. 


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